Maija-Liisa Komulainen

Maija-Liisa (Maikki) Komulainen (born in 1922 in Kajaani , Finland ) is a Finnish interior and industrial designer best known for her futuristic lights and innovative furniture designs. Komulainen graduated from the the University of Art and Design in Helsinki in 1949 and from 1950 to the late 1960s she worked in Helsinki on interiorContinue reading “Maija-Liisa Komulainen”

Hilkka Mekri (Säynäjärvi)

Hilkka Mekri (Säynäjärvi) (nee Otsakari) (1917–88) studied at the School of Industrial Arts in Helsinki, graduating in 1945, and started working at Arabia that same year. Most of the students at the time were women, as were the ceramists at Arabia, and in time they would become renowned for their work. After the Finnish WinterContinue reading “Hilkka Mekri (Säynäjärvi)”

Marjatta Metsovaara

Marjatta Metsovaara-Van Havere (né Metsovaara (1927 – 2014) is especially known for her rugs and colourful printed fabrics , some of which are still in production. Metsovaara was born into a multicultural family, and her father Aleksander had started a textile factory in Urjala in the 1930s. She attended The School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 1949, studiedContinue reading “Marjatta Metsovaara”

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