Marjukka Pääkkönen-Paasivirta

The ceramics company Kupittaan Savi was founded in 1921 and was in business until 1969 when it was forced into bankruptcy. Starting in the 1950s the work of three designers stood out: Marjukka Paasivirta, Linnea Lehtonen and Orvokki Laine, and in early 1960s, Heidi Blomstedt. The company’s slogan was ”Objects of art, whose inexpensiveness amazes everyone”.

Marjukka Pääkkönen started in 1949 and served as the the company’s artistic director from 1950 until 1960, when Orvokki Laine took over. Marjukka was a modernist and it’s said that her role models were ceramists Kaj Franck and Marita Lybeck.

Identifying items by Kupittaan Savi is slightly difficult as the company did not use annual stamps, although they did use imprints in the clay. In the 1950s introduced the practice of marking the items with the designer’s and painter’s initials as well as Made in Finland.

  • Marjukka Pääkkönen
  • Marjukka married professor Juhani Paasivirta in 1953.
  • Received a silver medal at the Italian Triennales in the 1954, together with Orvokki Laine and Linnea Lehtonen.

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